Tunnel Shooting Range

The Tunnel – Shooting Range

On Monday 23rd February, I went to the Tunnel Target Sports Centre in Charmouth to do some shooting. When we got there Jane signed in our names and addresses, then we went down to the Armoury to get the guns with Kira. Kira filled the guns with air, after we went to the observation room and who decided who shot first. Ben and Eden shot first, me and Toby watched them, when they were finished, it was mine and Toby turn. We did very well, I shot 5 pellets on the first go and 10 pellets on the second go. After we finished shooting, we finished our drinks and when to reception. Me, Eden, Ben and Toby sat in the car while Jane paid. After Jane paid Kira we drove back to the shop for Lunch, it was a good day.

By Ryan Burton


Shooting 3

Shooting 4

Shooting 1

Shooting 2