Tuesday Volunteer Group – Fundraising Efforts

The group are planning a fact finding visit to Bristol Zoo and having written a letter explaining how we are interested in broadening our animal care knowledge, a response has arrived and we are going to take advantage of a tailor made talk delivered by the Educational Department at the Zoo.  As the Zoo is a conservation charity they have asked us to make a donation of £42.00 and in order to raise this money the group members have decided to make cakes and sell them in the town.  Wednesday, fortunately a beautiful sunny day, was our first outing and we are already halfway to our target!!  The cake/tray bake selection proved popular and we were fortunate to be given donations, plus offers of support for future projects from one of the team from Ilminster Lions.  Laura and Ryan are writing their own blogs, which we will include and which will provide an insight about this initiative from their perspective in their own words.  I took a quick snap of the group with a somewhat depleted stock of cakes, having forgotten to take a picture at the start!!

Watch this space for updates!

Ilminster Lions

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