Sophie’s Story – Making special cards for customers

I started making cards at Sweet Surprise around two years ago.  These were mainly animal ones which are cut out using wallpaper.  Lorraine (my carer) draws around the stencil and then I cut it out.  Since we have started, the range of cards I make has now grown and I do cards for all occasions.  I am currently making some for Easter. Last year I was asked by a customer to make 100 Christmas cards to be given out to their friends and family.  They were delighted with them and they wrote me a card and gave me a lovely scarf as a thank you. A local gallery – the A303 sells my cards and so I am always busy making more and thinking about new ideas.  I can make cards for special occasions such as Anniversaries, Weddings or special Birthdays. I really enjoy making them and always make sure that they look professional.  People often come over to me and say how patient I must be in order to make them with such care.

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