Secret world – Volunteer Group

A group of us from sweet surprise organised a visit to secret world.  We wanted to find out what they do and if we could help them in any way.  We spoke to Duncan the volunteer coordinator and he explained that we could help by doing jobs around the site.  Some time later we finally managed to set up a group to go over and here are  some of the jobs we have done



Jobs we do at secret world


  • Folding towels and blankets and putting them in order
  • In the store room we sorted out equipment throwing out broken or damaged things and digging up
  • We are in the progress of rubbing down and panting wall we brushed off some wooden slats and panted it with wood preserver
  • We cleaned tided and re organised a large storage contanter
  • We weeded in a enclosure and then spread bark around Things people said about working at secret world
  • We liked it when we did different jobs
  • I ike working working with my team mates
  • It can be hard work but i like doing it
  • It is good to go and work at diffent places
  • When we do these jobs we work as a team and and learn to communicate and plan what we are going to do