Our trip on the catamaran at Poole

On Thursday 23rd of July a group of us from Sweet Surprise went to Poole and went on the Catamaran called Knoticat. We met Stuart and Di the skippers and they give us life jackets to put on, we got on the catamaran and sat down. They gave us the safety rules on the boat and after they gave us the rules we were off. When we were a little way out they let us steer the boat in turn. Because 14 of us went we split into two teams. The first group went on the boat in the morning while the second group did something else. When the first group had finished on the boat then the second group went on the boat. While they did this first group did archery. As it was busy at Rockley Park we couldn’t find a place to park so we parked on the road. We find a bench right next to the sea and we had our lunch and after everyone finished their lunch we met Adam our instructor. Then we put our bags in a pile and went to the archery range. Adam taught us how to use the bow, how to put the arrow in, how to stand, how to hold the bow, how to pull it back and how to fire. After he had shown us it was our turn to have a go. We all picked up a bow turned it sidewards and put a arrow in it, turned it vertical pulled it back with our elbow up and then fired it – and it hit the target!! We all had a good day