My Henhayes placement by Michael Wills

The Henhayes centre is a community day centre run by volunteers, there is a big function room which can be hired out for parties etc and two smaller rooms which are separated by a moveable partition turning it into a function room. There is also a kichen and various classes which run there e.g I.T,Art etc .On Mondays i help Melanie in the kitchen we make scones to sell. Some of the volunteers come in for dinner as well as some members of the public. I go out shopping for the centre and help Melanie prepare the dinner for the Tuesday welcome group also sometimes i prepare the vegetables. On Tuesday i help to run the welcome group. The group is run by Alan and Maureen, sometimes people come in to entertain the group or they do singing and make things. I help set up the tables and chairs, once i have helped set up everything I help caroline out in the kitchen I help to prepare the dinner and go out shopping, we also prepare the dinner for the next day. I like working with everyone at the day centre I have learnt how to cook and serve food which is great. I also put out  the tables or chairs every first Monday of the month for the U3A (University of the 3rd Age) .sometimes I help Melanie to cook large amounts of food for large events at the Henhayes centre.
Rest In Peace- ROSMERY SNELL 1945-2012