We went to longleat yesterday. When we got there we went through the safari park. We saw monkeys that jumped on our cars, 3 jumped on Janes car. One monkey was carrying a baby. One of the monkeys would not  get  down off the car so the park ranger had to wave a  hose pipe at the monkey. We also saw lions, cheatahs, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, wolves and camels. My favounte animal was the cheetahs because they are really  fast . I wasn’t even scared of the lions even though they were really big . After the safari park we went on the river boat there were seals and gorillas. The gorilla has Sky tv and its favourite programme are kids programmes. We went in the maze in the afternoon, it is the biggest in the country. We went in there for an hour because we got lost, we nearly made it to the middle but kept getting stuck. Afterwards we went to the cafe because it was wet , i had a coke. Then we went home.