First Tennis Group 2016

On Tuesday our usual sports group decided to make the most of the lovely weather and go down to the tennis courts for a practise.  As the weather was so nice Sophie decided that she would like to join the group.

Sophie said: ‘I did some warm up exercises, with my arms and the running ones using my chair.  At one point I did a 360 degree spin.  Michelle very kindly did the lunges for me.  To start with I did some catching with the tennis ball and then we used the racquets and I hit a few balls.

I really enjoyed it as I was out with my friends and it made me realise how well I had done with the tennis activity’.

Alice said:  When we went down to the tennis courts I did some practice shots with Sophie.  To start with I was a bit afraid in case the ball hit me but Jono encouraged me to try a few shots and I did well.   I am definitely going to try playing tennis again.