Garden Ground Force Team

(First Barbeque of the year!) On Thursday we went out in the wilds of Wambrook to help Hana’s family by clearing a very rocky and overgrown flower border.  It was a warm day and the sun shone so we were able to make the most of being outside in a beautiful location. Group members have…

New school partnerships

We now have a great partnership working with the Sixth Forms at Fairmead and Selworthy Schools. Each school is with us one day a week and we have all had a great time working together.

Fresh food from the allotment

Our chef, Anna, is currently using the produce from our allotment to make interesting and nutritious food to sell in the café.

Working with nature

My Henhayes placement by Michael Wills

The Henhayes centre is a community day centre run by volunteers, there is a big function room which can be hired out for parties etc and two smaller rooms which are separated by a moveable partition turning it into a function room. There is also a kichen and various classes which run there e.g I.T,Art etc .On Mondays i…

Training and work placements

Learning new crafts

Improving life skills

Keeping fit and healthy


We went to longleat yesterday. When we got there we went through the safari park. We saw monkeys that jumped on our cars, 3 jumped on Janes car. One monkey was carrying a baby. One of the monkeys would not  get  down off the car so the park ranger had to wave a  hose pipe at the monkey. We…