Sweet Surprise Winter Blog – By Eleanor

We have Victorian Evening there will be sweets, Decorations and Mosaics will be available to buy. There is a sweet shop and café with sweets and chocolate and the café has drinks, meals, snacks, and cakes.

They are making Fat balls as bird food for later in the year. There was a Bird watch as well.

There will be two pantomimes Cinderella’s and snow white . Cinderella’s coach has been made and the dwaves hats are ready as well. I thought snow white was excellent and I liked my song “ someday my prince will come”. I liked the dwaves as well. I like Deal or no Deal.

For the afternoon there is sewing Decorations, stars, trees, Painting decorations, etc, beading , Fat balls making , Baubles, snowmen etc. Other tasks were Cooking, ingredients from tesco for cooking, helping out in the shop and football.

I feel that the Home-made Bird Food was cheaper and the birds preferred it to wilko. They were more Birds as well. Also Cinderella’s coach is pink and glittery with flowers. There is a trip to see Peter Pan at Octagon as well.

For the Victorian Evening there was a range of stalls. Decorations hung-up, mince pies, hot drinks and a raffle. There were lights , food, and stalls in the town as well. The raffle was good. We dressed up as Victorian ladies and a Choir Boy. I was a Victorian lady myself too. I liked the costume too. Photos online as follows. The stalls were; Christmas cards, Christmas snowmen, nature prints, bird fat balls, mosaics and plants.

Mine was the Mosaic store, I sold some mine was the mosaics store. I sold some Mosaics, Dove and Heart etc and Bird food. There was a snowman machine, Band inside and outdoors too. The carols were really  good. There were marshmallows and sweets. I liked the atmosphere and everyone else enjoyed too.

 Alice dressed as a Victorian Lady and enjoyed helping me. We had fish and chips beforehand. Matthew came along as well. Amy dressed up as a victorain lady. Amy helped  out too. We enjoyed selling mosaics and home-made fat balls. Amy liked the snow outside the shop. The town Band was there and the inside Band had some service users join in as well. Tom was a Choir Boy on the Card stall.

At the weekend I saw Tom at McDonalds   and I enjoyed a lovely meal of my usual Burger and Chips. We enjoyed it a lot.  Ryan went to see his brother in Southampton. He   had a good time. Sarah went to the Gym in Ilminster. It was good exercise. Hannah went to a pub for dinner. Amy went swimming and Amy went Christmas shopping at crewkerne and had dinner with her nan. Zoe went shopping in Somerton with her mum. Alice went to see her sister for a roast . Alice’s sister is c called Rachel they went Christmas shopping in taunt on too. e

There was an apple picking trip some other service users went on at Ludington House near Crewkerne. They picked hundreds of apples we had cider and apple juice afterwards. There was an apple orchard there. A free bottle of cider or juice was given as well.

We had a group trip to conquest (an horse Riding Centre) We were shown around and we saw the horses and a small pony. There was a café and a Arena (where you can learn to ride) and there were Pygmy Goats and chickens too. We tried Grooming and we enjoyed that. We learnt about Bed changing and their bedding. We learnt about how to feed them

We had a Christmas Meal   . We had Turkey, Roast vegetables, Roast potatoes, and vegetables. Followed by A Raspberry Pavlova, or a chocolate pud. There were Decorations, people in Christmas Jumpers and Crackers. We had Dancing, Games, and Cards. There were stars as well.

I Played a Shopping game, tried to put the food in the trolley first   . If you put the food in the first you win   ! I had a Brilliant time and  I really enjoyed myself and I think everyone else did too.

Logan has won a medal for swimming. It was at a swimming gala she did the crawl. This morning we did sewing, ironing, sanding, and Christmas pine cones.