Our visit to Jason and Nancys campsite

When we got there we got a nice ,warm welcome , when we arrived and they give us a tour around the place. The weather was sunny and warm .Our first job was blackberry picking. I took photos of sweet surprise Thursday volunteer group on camera. We took the blackberries back to the cook shed and we made blackberry and apple Crumble for our pudding. we cooked sausages, baked beans ,peas tomatoes , fried onion put with the sausage, we enjoyed it very much. We cooked the sausage on open fire pit and we turn the sausages over , we also cooked marsh mallows on sticks to put in the fire. We wash and dry up the dishes to put them away. We enjoyed it very much and hope we come again, Jason and Nancy are nice and wonderful people. I made friend with Jason and Nancys Children. – Write up by Toby.
with thanks to https://www.facebook.com/southpethertonhideaway/# please see their page for more information.


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