On Wednesday the first of June the pottery group visited David Brown’s Pottery in Merriott.

The group members were:

Hanna, Amy, Alice, Rachel, Jamie and James.

We all had a look around the showroom and were interested by many different shapes and types of pots.

We saw jugs, bowls, teapots, vases and too many others to mention.

David said he drew lots of his ideas from nature and particularly liked the seaside which inspired his irregular shaped pots.

He also said that he had recently been to Sherborne Castle Craft Fair and that he was going to St Ives to do a big show – so he was busy getting everything ready.

We then went out to the workshop which was quite small we all just about managed to get in!

We saw two electric kilns one top loader and one front loader – the top loader was used for the first firing called biscuit (1000 degrees C.) and the front loader for the glaze firing (1250 degrees C.). There were also lots of different shapes and sizes of moulds and tools for texturing the pots.

David then gave us a quick demonstration of making a bowl on the wheel and explained that it would need to be dried a bit before adding texture or making holes in it.

It was a very interesting visit and we all thanked David for his time and hoped that it would lead to us all making more interesting and varied pots.

The Wednesday Pottery Group