Garden Ground Force Team

(First Barbeque of the year!)

On Thursday we went out in the wilds of Wambrook to help Hana’s family by clearing a very rocky and overgrown flower border.  It was a warm day and the sun shone so we were able to make the most of being outside in a beautiful location.

Group members have contributed a few comments 

Matt: I enjoyed digging and working together as a team.  Eden and I worked really well together. 

Ben:  I enjoyed my day with the group.  I worked on my own some of the time but I also helped Hana as I could see that she was working on a big area on her own.

Eden:  We went to help clear a big border for Hana’s Mum.  We dug everything out and Hana’s Mum sorted out the weeds and the plants.  There was a really big pile of stuff that we had cleared.

Amy: I went with the group to help in the garden. My job was to carry the weeds and plants in a bucket from the border and tip them onto the heap.  I also picked up some stones and roots. If I found a worm I gave it to one of Hana’s chickens.

Hana:  My friends from Sweet Surprise came out to help in my garden.   I welcomed everyone and made sure they knew where everything was – such as toilets etc. Ben worked with me and helped me to carry a very big plant and put it on the heap. I had really looked forward to all of them coming over and hope that they can come out again as we had a lovely 

At lunchtime we were treated to a delicious barbeque lunch, lovingly prepared by Olga; including sausages and homemade burgers, coleslaw, potato salad and an ice cream pudding. 

We continued with our task after lunch and managed to clear most of the border, which was an amazing achievement.  Everyone was tired but extremely proud of all their hard work our hosts were also very pleased and grateful for our help. Finally having packed our tools away we enjoyed yet another cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake, which finished our afternoon off a treat!

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